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About Cadets Defence Academy

CADETS DEFENCE ACADEMY is the Best NDA Coaching Center in Dehradun. We convert your desires into the real world, and we do it with quality instructive administrations and preparing. We guzzle the essential element of accomplishment into every single wannabe, that help them to accomplish their fantasies and objectives. Go along with us now for quality coaching for NDA, OTA, Group XY, CDS, AFCAT, and training in Dehradun. Exceptional clumps for the top best NDA coaching in Dehradun.

At CADETS DEFENCE ACADEMY, we are committed to providing you the best in the arena whether it is the digital classroom atmosphere/ hostels atmosphere, the quality of lectures a unique study material, an online/offline mode test- series, or guidance and information.

Best NDA coaching in Dehradun is offered by CADETS DEFENCE ACADEMY, has consistently been the 360-degree benchmarks setter in the past years and with our innovative approaches and consistent efforts, we will continue to define the future of quality education.



 Cadets Defence academy will make you capable of facing the hardships in the battlefield by providing the best faculty and just not trying but proving to be the Best NDA coaching centre in Dehradun. We believe in action and even provide free sample sessions to help you choose the ideal institution. Through our leadership and actions, we will inspire a sense of pride in each and every aspirant of the Cadets Defence Academy and prove it to be the best NDA coaching centre in Dehradun. The most essential element in defence is leadership characteristics and team spirit, not simply academics, so in this academy we will also focus on other crucial components of being in the army. Cadets Defence Academy will teach you how to be courteous, loyal, and selfless to your commanders, subordinates, and team members. Through our leadership and actions, we will instil a sense of physical as well as moral courage in the aspirant. It is one of the Best NDA coaching centre in Dehradun, focusing on discipline and hard work to ensure superior education. The institute is enhanced by highly experienced and committed faculty members who are remarkable in their passion, dedication, and skill. Cadets defence academy is the best NDA coaching centre in Dehradun, offering outstanding education and training to candidates who want to serve their country by entering the Indian Armed Forces (Army/Air Force/Navy). Our defence course batches are meant to be as handy as possible for applicants. All test preparation will be provided by our qualified and experienced professors, who are well-versed in the entire selection process and will prepare you properly. It is the best NDA coaching centre in Dehradun, assisting students in realising their aspirations of joining the armed forces. We have a system in place to help us achieve our purpose of assisting students in meeting obstacles that demand continual strength with which they may set a distinct marker of achievement. We train candidates with zeal, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Our objective is to train students for military services such as the NDA, CDS, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and others. To achieve higher educational standards by empowering our aspirants to be agented philomath who see problems and situations from a different perspective, be absolutely incredible decision makers and come up with solutions, by drawing conclusions, collaborating with others, and interacting with an impactful articulation; ultimately leading to responsible, caring, empathetic, and contributing to progress. In our institution, we don’t just make you join the army; we also train you to be a strong leader who doesn’t let his resolve waver and, as a result of his persistent hard work, propels his career to new heights. With our beliefs and great leadership talents, we teach you to provide a distinct dimension to the Indian army.



There is no substitute to Diligence, you must have come to know but industry coupled with smart work is the key to excellence in the current world of dog eat dog competition. students after class 12th generally find themselves in the ocean of confusion when it comes to preparing for defence exams. usually candidates do not know how to start and what to st6udy to crack defence exams, A candidate must know the current pattern of these exams far which targeted preparation under expert guidance accompanied by unmatched study material makes this task much easier.

It takes valuer to dream the impossible the resolution not to give up when you do not succeed and the assiduity to cement the desired success. Students are enlightened and focused they know what they are up to. They need just a ray of guidance I feel I have accomplished the reason of my very own existence.

Proud to be that faint ray of guidance proud to be a reason of smile on certain lips, proud your teacher, friend and guide.


Mr. Sanjeev Thakur Sir

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