Service Selection Board or in short SSB is set-up to meet the qualified possibility for enlistment in the resistance segment. SSB is a choice board sorted out by the Ministry of Defense, India. The certified up-and-comers of composed assessment will be called to go to SSB Interview and CADETS Defence Academy is the correct decision for Best SSB Coaching centre in Dehradun. SSB Interview is a 5 days screening strategy that incorporates 2 phases of tests-Stage I and Stage II. Stage I will be booked for the OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) and PP and DT (Picture Perception and Description Test). Then again organize II is directed for Interview, Group Testing Officer Task, Psychology Test and the Conference. The whole strategy of SSB Interview is a 4-5 days program. There are different focuses to direct SSB Interviews in various urban communities across India.


Cadets Defence Academy is extraordinary compared to other best SSB coaching centre in Dehradun competitors get total SSB preparing and direction from Air Force resigned Group Captain i.e. Group Test, brain science meet.

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SSB Interview is directed as the second round of determination after composed assessment. The applicants who have cleared the composed assessment are qualified to partake in SSB Interview. The competitors need to free any from these composed assessments so as to get qualified for SSB Interview.

They chose competitors after composed assessment must have present upon the arrival of SSB Interview on time at the designated community for conclusive choice. The last choice will think about the exhibition of competitors in composed assessment and SSB Interview both and afterward the rundown will be set up for chosen possibility to participate in the physical wellness test. As Dehradun defence Academy is known for Top SSB coaching centre in Dehradun , it has given the subtleties of SSB Interview for its understudies and for up and coming understudies too.

The majority of candidates select the best SSB Coaching centre in Dehradun to develop their personality with Officer-like qualities. The SSB interview is required to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. SSB is the selection procedure which includes:

  • Personality.
  • Interview for Intelligence.

Best SSB coaching centre in Dehradun provides instruction to individuals and familiarises them with the SSB tasks that candidates may experience. In this article, we will discuss the eleven finest SSB coaching institutes that will help you pass the exam.


About SSB

Services Selection Board, commonly known as ‘SSB Interview’, is a Personality and Intelligence Assessment Test conducted specifically to analyze the potential and compatibility of candidates for commission into the Armed Forces of India as officers. The interview process is spread over a span of five days. It consists of a series of scientific and time tested Psychological Testing Techniques / Group Discussion / Planning / Outdoor Task and Interview.

The prime aim of selection system in SSB is to explore the potential of a candidate, which is must for becoming an officer in armed forces.The selection system consists of three different and independent techniques to assess the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in a candidate.These three techniques are :

Psychological Test : It is carried out by a trained psychologist.Different Pictures / Words and Situation put to the candidate to assess his response in a given time frame to check for these OLQs.

GTO’s Tests : These tests are carried out face to face on the ground in which the testing officer judges the qualities based on the performance shown by candidates in indoor task (Group Discussion/ Planning & Lecturette ) & various outdoor tasks (Group Tasks & Individual Obstacles)

Interviewing Officer’s Test : Personal interview of the candidates are conducted by the Interviewing Officer (IO) to assess their personality profile.


Many candidates dream for joining SSB and they really work hard so that they can make their dreams come true. However, before applying, every candidate must review all of the qualifying criteria, as you can only apply for SSB if you meet the following standards.
  • Service Selection Board Exam Age Eligibility Criteria:
The first and most important requirement is marital status. Unmarried graduates who pass the UPSC-conducted Combined Defence Services Examination are chosen for the SSB Interview. The eligibility standards for male and female candidates varies slightly. Males: The candidate must have been born on or after January 2, 1991, but no later than January 1, 1996. For Females: the feminine candidate ought to turn on or once second Jan 1990 and on or before first Jan 1996. She ought to be an unmarried or issueless widow.
  • Service Selection Board Exam Medical Eligibility Criteria:
Eyesight: The minimum distance vision should be 6/6 and 6/9 in both eyes without correction, i.e., without glasses. Candidates should not have a knock knee, flat foot, varicose veins, or squint in their eyes, and they should have good colour vision. They must be in good mental and physical health, with no physical defects that might interfere with the efficient performance of their tasks.
  • Service Selection Board Exam Qualification Eligibility Criteria:
Naval Academy: For academy, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is a must. Air Force Academy: A degree in B.Sc. with Physics and Mathematics; B.E. and B.Tech. Indian academy and Officers Training Academy: Degree or equivalent from a recognized university. Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Eligibility: After medical check-up and training, the candidates are seated as Commissioned Officers.


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