Agneepath scheme - 2022 (Agniveer)

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath Scheme (also written as Agneepath Scheme) is a Indian armed forces related scheme, introduced by Government of India on June 14 through press conference hosted by Defence Minister of India- Shree Rajnath with chiefs of all three armed forces of India. 

This Scheme is launched in concern of the new recruitment process for the three services (Navy, Airforce & Army) of Indian Armed Forces and was fully implemented on September 2022. In this scheme, recruits will hired only for four years in which six months of training and 3.5 years of service  is  included and will not get benefited by many old system facilities like long term duty, pension, etc. but rather than that there are many benefits of Agnipath scheme which we have discussed in this article below.

What is Agniveer?

The candidates, recruited under Agnipath scheme will be entitled as “Agniveer” which have powerful meaning in which ‘Agni’ means Fire and ‘Veer’ means daring or warrior. This name is especially given to the candidates to encourage them and to tell the importance of them in Indian Armed Forces. 

Advantages of Agnipath Scheme:

There are many benefits of Agnipath scheme 2022 for both the government and people who join as Agniveer. Below are given some points to demonstrate the advantages of Agnipath Scheme. 

  • The Indian Armed Forces will be full of youths that leads more energy and work power.
  • The youth of India have a good opportunity as in the a retired Agniveer will have such amount of money that age people are freshly out as a student and remain unemployed. 
  • More of Indian youth will be disciplined and become responsible person after spending 4 years in the Indian Armed Forces. 
  • There are many better loan and insurances policies for just Agniveers only.
  • 25% of Agniveers who really want to serve the nation for more years and want to make carrier in the Indian Armed Forces can work hard and by proving their capabilities can stay longer.

Actual Reason To Introduce Agnipath Scheme 2022:

The Agnipath Scheme was introduced by the Government of India after two years of research to make a positive change in Indian Armed Forces by the Experienced officers including Late CDS Shri Bipin Rawat Ji. 

The main reason of Agnipath Scheme 2022 is to reduce the average age of soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces. 

Reason Behind to reduce the Average Age of Soldiers:

  • India is the top country having most number of youth population, therefore we have huge youth energy in our Armed Forces that will leads to a powerful army.
  • The manpower and work efficiency both will be enhanced as young are working and youth energy which is a great source and will greatly impact our forces is being used.
  • This scheme will leads to more disciplined youth of India. 

Eligibility Criteria:

If any person willing to join Agnipath Scheme and want to Agniveer then he/she should be in between the age of 17.5 to 21 years old, However for the first year batch due to Corona virus Pandemic Lockdown, there is no recruitment has been done in Indian Armed Forces, so there is relaxation of 2 years, therefore the age limits exceeds +2 years hence the age limit for first year aspirants will in between 17.5 to 23 years.

Selection Process:

The selection process of Agnipath Scheme includes a physical test and then a medical test to confirm that the aspirant of Agniveer is medically fit or not and also that he/she is eligible to contribute to Indian Armed Forces or not.

Mode of Application:

 Mode of application of Agnipath Scheme is an online medium only and Agniveer aspirants can find out it on the official website of Agnipath Scheme.

Salary of Agniveers:

In the duration of 4 years of service, the salary remains around Rs 35,000 to 40,000 only per year. At the end of Agniveer service time, the retired soldier will get a handsome amount of financial package from the Government of India which as per the information given below:

  • 1st year: Rs 21,000 + Rs 9,000 per month= Rs 30,000
  • 2nd year: Rs 23,100 + Rs 9,900 per month= Rs 33,000
  • 3rd year: Rs 25,100 + Rs 10,940per month= Rs 36,500
  • 4th year: Rs 28,000 + Rs 12,000 per month= Rs 40,000

At the end of the service time, retired Agniveers will be rewarded with 11.77 lakhs rupees as Seva Nidhi Package which is only for an Agniveer. This money will be tax free totally. And Also the soldiers will get a free cover for 48 lakhs rupees as insurance for the duration of four years.

Application Process:

There is  no difference in Agnipath Scheme and older system application process. The same procedures will be applied:

  • Written Exam
  • Physical Test
  • Medical

The candidates for Agniveer will be tested properly whether they are compatible to be a soldier or not who can survive in harsh conditions and is ready for combat or not for country’s welfare. You can stay connected to Agnipath Scheme official website i.e. agniveer.com to stay updated regarding the Agniveer Scheme.


This Scheme in an Individual’s point of view might seem bad or not fascinating but if we look this at higher level then we will understand motive and vision of this scheme. If you want to know more about this then you can visit to their official website which is www.agniveer.com.

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