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Ready to begin your journey towards a fulfilling career in the Indian Armed Forces? Cadets Defence Academy proudly celebrates the remarkable success stories of our candidates who cleared the final selection in the NDA 2 2023 SSB (Services Selection Board) exam. We take great pride in guiding and nurturing aspiring cadets, helping them achieve their dream of serving the nation.

The success of our candidates is a testament to the effectiveness of our training programs. We are thrilled to share the inspiring journeys of seven cadets who cleared the NDA 2 2023 SSB exam and secured their places in the armed forces.

  1. Rohit Bhatt (Roll no-1741084)
  2. Nikhil (Roll no-1157880)
  3. Sonit Chaudhary (Roll no-1741921)
  4. Rajesh Kumar (Roll no-1740677)
  5. Harsh Kumar (Roll no-1742076)
  6. Shubham (Roll no-1740333)
  7. Aayush Kumar (Roll no-174095)


Preparation for NDA exam: Preparation for NDA exam is a rigorous process that demands dedication, perseverance, and strategic planning. At Cadets Defence Academy, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive training that equips candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the exam. Our expert faculty members employ a structured approach to cover all aspects of the NDA syllabus, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for every challenge they may encounter.

Getting ready for the NDA exam requires dedication, perseverance, and smart planning. At Cadets Defence Academy, we know how crucial it is to offer thorough training that gives candidates the know-how and skills to ace the test. Our experienced faculty takes a systematic approach to cover all parts of the NDA syllabus, making sure candidates are fully prepared for whatever comes their way.

Written Exam: The written exam is the initial hurdle, comprising two papers General Ability Test (GAT) and Mathematics. Mathematics paper evaluates candidates’ mathematical knowledge and problem-solving abilities, while GAT encompasses English language, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, and current affairs.

SSB Training and Mock Interviews: Another crucial aspect of the NDA selection process is SSB interview, during which candidates undergo various tests to evaluate their suitability for a career in the armed forces. To adequately prepare our candidates for this stage, Cadets Defence Academy provides specialized SSB training sessions and conducts mock interviews. These simulations offer candidates invaluable insights into the interview process, help them refine their communication skills, and teach them how to present their best selves to the selection board.

Physical Fitness and Personality Development: Apart from academic prowess, the armed forces prioritize physical fitness and personality attributes like leadership, teamwork, and decision-making. Understanding this, Cadets Defence Academy integrates physical training sessions and personality development workshops into its curriculum. These activities aim to improve candidates’ physical endurance and nurture the qualities essential for success in the armed forces.

Structured Curriculum: Our academy offers a meticulously designed curriculum that covers every aspect of the NDA exam syllabus. From mathematics and general ability to current affairs and English language, we leave no stone unturned in preparing you for the challenges ahead.

Expert Faculty: Our team of experienced faculty members comprises seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With their guidance, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key concepts and develop the skills necessary to excel in the exam.

Personalized Coaching: We understand that each aspirant has unique strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we offer personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require extra help in mathematics or English, our mentors are here to provide individualized support every step of the way.

With our unwavering support and guidance, you can be confident in your ability to crack the NDA exam and realize your dream of serving the nation. Join us at Cadets Defence Academy as we are the best nda coaching in dehradun and let’s embark on this journey towards success together

Our NDA Preparation courses

Dehradun, the cradle of numerous esteemed defence academies, is your stepping stone to a prestigious career in the Indian Armed Forces. We take immense pride in being a leading provider of NDA coaching programs in the city. We offer two distinct programs designed to cater to students at different stages of their academic journey:

1. NDA Coaching After 12th:

Targeted Preparation for the Written Exam:
Our result-oriented program meticulously covers all subjects of the NDA written exam – Mathematics, English, General Science, History, Geography, and Current Affairs.

Experienced faculty provide in-depth subject knowledge and exam-focused strategies.

Comprehensive study materials, including topic-wise practice questions and mock tests, ensure thorough preparation.

SSB Interview Guidance:
We understand that the SSB interview is a crucial stage in NDA selection. We equip you with the necessary skills to excel in all aspects – Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests, Picture Perception Description Test (PPDT), group discussions, leadership tasks, and the interview.

Ex-defense officers and SSB assessors provide invaluable insights and conduct mock interviews to hone your communication, problem-solving, and leadership qualities.

Rigorous physical training prepares you for the strenuous activities during the SSB.

2. NDA Foundation Course (Schooling Included) After 10th:

This unique program offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining quality school education with dedicated NDA coaching. Here’s what sets it apart:

Strong Academic Foundation: We are affiliated with a reputed school board, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education alongside NDA preparation.

Early Exposure to NDA Preparation: Our experienced faculty introduce NDA concepts from an early stage, nurturing a focused mindset and a strong foundation.

Integrated Coaching: Regular NDA coaching sessions alongside academic studies ensure a holistic approach, maximizing learning efficiency.

Holistic Development: We go beyond academics, fostering leadership qualities, teamwork, and physical fitness through various co-curricular activities and sports.

Other Courses we provide

While NDA coaching is our forte, we recognize the diverse aspirations of students seeking careers in the Indian Armed Forces. We offer a comprehensive suite of programs designed to equip you for success in various defense entrance exams:

1. Air Force Coaching (X/Y Group):

Our program caters specifically to the requirements of the Air Force X Group (Technical) and Y Group (Non-Technical) exams.

We cover subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Reasoning, aligned with the latest exam pattern.

2. Navy Coaching (AA/SSR):

Focused Approach: Our Navy coaching program prepares you for both the Navy AA (Assistant Artificer) and SSR (Sailor) entrance exams.

We cover subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and Reasoning, with a specific focus on areas relevant to the Navy.

3. CDS Coaching:

Comprehensive Preparation: Our CDS coaching program equips you for the Combined Defence Services Examination, a gateway to careers in the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Indian Air Force Academy (AFA).

We cover all subjects tested in the CDS exam, including English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs.

Strategic Guidance: Experienced faculty provide insights and strategies to excel in each section of the CDS exam.

4. AFCAT Coaching:

Specialized Focus: Our AFCAT coaching program prepares you for the Air Force Common Admission Test, the entry route for Officer positions in the Indian Air Force.

We cover subjects like English, Reasoning & Military Aptitude Test (RMAT), Mathematics & Physics (for specific branches).

Regular mock tests and practice sessions replicate the AFCAT exam format, helping you refine your time management and test-taking abilities.

At Cadets Defence Academy, our mission is to empower aspiring cadets to realize their dreams of serving the nation. Through our comprehensive training programs, expert faculty, and personalized guidance, we ensure that every candidate is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the NDA exam and beyond. Join us on this transformative journey and take the first step towards a successful career in the Indian Armed Forces.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or assistance regarding NDA coaching in Dehradun, feel free to reach out to us. Here’s how you can get in touch:

Address:  Sahastradhara Rd, near kriti appartment, opp. shani dev mandir, B Block, Aman Vihar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
Visit us at our campus located in Dehradun.

Phone Numbers:
You can contact us directly via phone for immediate assistance. Our phone numbers are +91- 099970 34744and + 91-7599367318.

Email: cadetsdefenceacademy@gmail.com
Do you have a question or require additional details? Send us an email at cadetsdefenceacademy@gmail.com  Our team will get back to you promptly with the answers you need.

Website & Social Media Links:
Explore our website, www.cadetsdefenceacademy.com, for comprehensive details about our NDA coaching programs and facilities. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following us on social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Feel free to reach out to us through any of the channels mentioned above. We’re here to assist you on your journey towards achieving your NDA coaching goals in Dehradun.

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