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Life of NDA Cadets

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NDA a place where young boys and girls are transformed into disciplined, dedicated officers for Army, Navy and Air Force. Here cadets develop courage, leadership and love for the nation. If you desire to serve the nation and curious about the life of candidates who clear NDA exam, in this blog we will discuss life of NDA cadets after selection.

Life at NDA: A Glimpse into a Soldier's Making

It’s true that life at NDA is challenging, cadets faces a lot of hardship yet it is incredibly rewarding. Cadets have to follow strict schedule that focuses on physical training, academics, military skills, and leadership development.

National Defence Academy follows rigorous training routines, designed to transform young minds and bodies into future leaders of Indian Armed Force.

Physical Training: NDA cadets undergo rigorous physical training (PT) sessions that include obstacle courses, endurance runs, combat exercises, swimming, and various sports. These sessions not only enhance physical fitness but also develop discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.

Physical Training

Academics: Cadets can choose BA(3 years), Bsc(3 years), Btech (4 years), you can read further subjects detail in these course-



BA(3 years)



Political Science


B.Sc. (3 years)




B.Sc. CS (3 years)


Computer Science


Btech (3+1 years)

Engineering subjects

For further information you can check NDA official site (https://nda.nic.in/site-page-viewer/10#education-streams)

Military Training: Cadets are introduced to the fundamentals of military life. This includes learning about weaponry, tactics, map reading, navigation, survival skills, and battlefield communication. As training progresses, cadets participate in field exercises, in which real-world military scenarios and honing their tactical skills.
Military Training

Leadership Development: Leadership quality is the most important quality for a military officer. NDA cadets develop leadership qualities through various programs and activities. Group discussions, debates, presentations, and participation in sports all play a vital role.

Leadership Development

Life on Campus

NDA isn’t just a training ground. After reporting to the Academy a cadet is allotted one of the 18 Squadrons which then becomes his home away from home for the next three years. Life on campus develops a unique experience that includes rigorous training with mutual trust and friendship among people, personal growth, and a strong sense of community.

  • Squadrons: NDA cadets live in squadrons, These squadrons become like families, creating a strong bond and a sense of belongingness.
  • Hostel Life: Accommodation is basic yet comfortable. Cadets share dormitories with bunk beds, lockers, and other essentials.
  • Sports and Clubs: While academics and military training take priority. Cadets can participate in various sports activities like football, basketball, swimming, and cricket.
  • Discipline and Self-reliance: Life at NDA is highly disciplined. Cadets learn to be self-reliant, manage their time effectively, and stick to strict routines.
  • Social Interaction: There are opportunities for social interaction beyond the squadrons. Academy organizes cultural events, debates, and guest lectures, allowing cadets to interact with people from different backgrounds and broaden their perspectives.

Challenges and Rewards

Life at NDA has its own challenges. The demanding schedule, strict discipline, and pressure to excel can be overwhelming at times. Some of the cadets might feel home sick at start and they only get to contact their parents once in a week. However, the rewards are great too. Cadets develop a strong work ethic, physical and mental development, and love for the nation. They form lifelong friendships, leadership skills, and come out as a well-rounded individuals prepared to serve the nation.

How To Join NDA?

Students can apply for NDA exam if they have passed or appearing in Class 12th exam. NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year which is then followed by an interview session conducted by SSB (Service Selection Board). The SSB interview tests your psychological skills, general aptitude, and social skills.


  • Start Early:Begin preparing for the written exam as soon as possible, focus on strengthening your weak areas by taking mock test, also solve previous year NDA question paper. This helps you to identify the areas you need to focus more.
  • Physical Fitness:Physical fitness is equally important when you’re preparing for NDA exam. This will not only help you to meet NDA physical standards, but it will also help you to reduce stress during preparation, For example running, swimming, and push-ups can help to enhance your stamina and endurance.
  • Develop Leadership Skills:Leadership is a crucial aspect of the SSB interview. Participate in activities that develops leadership qualities, such as group discussion or debates with your friends and family.
  • Stay Updated:Keep yourself updated on current affairs. Reading daily newspapers, news magazines, and defence related updates can be really helpful.
  • NDA Eligibility Criteria: Before applying for NDA exam, you must meet all the conditions

Educational Requirement

Army: Passed or appearing in Class 12

Airforce and Navy: Passed or appearing in Class 12, must have Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Marital Status



Male and Female


Bhartiya(Indian) Citizen


16.5 to 19.5

NDA Selection Process

Written Exam: This exam tests your academic knowledge, Written tests are divided in 2 parts Mathematics and GAT.

SSB Interview: Candidates who pass written exam are called for SSB. It lasts for 5 days and it checks your potential for leadership, teamwork, mental and physical aptitude, and overall suitability for military life.

After Selection: If you successfully clear these stages, congratulations, You’ll be invited to join the NDA and begin your officer training. This training program lasts three years and equips you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful leader and military officer.


Life at NDA is a transformative experience where young individuals evolve into dedicated officers for Army, Navy, and Air Force. While the journey may be difficult, with strict routine and limited contact with family, the end result is worth every sacrifice, because after this cadets emerge as disciplined and courageous leaders ready to serve their nation with utmost dedication.

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