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NDA exam eligibility

In our country, many young people are eager to serve in the Indian armed forces, and the NDA offers a great opportunity for them. But it’s important to know if you’re eligible to apply. That’s why Cadets Defence Academy has put together a comprehensive NDA exam eligibility guide just for you.

Nda exam eligibility highlights



Name of the Exam


Conducting Body

Union Public Service Commission

NDA Age Limit

16.5 to 19.5 years


Bhartiya (Indian)

Gender & Marital Status

Unmarried Male and Female

Exam Level

National level



Physical Test

Candidates’ eligibility for the NDA physical exam will be determined by their height, weight, and fulfilment of medical requirements.

NDA Qualification

Army Wing: Passed or appearing in Class 12

For Air Force and Naval Wings: Passed or appearing in Class 12. must have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Class 12

Selection Process

Written exam

SSB Interview


NDA Age Limit

Candidates who are unmarried and between the ages of 16.5 and 19.5 are eligible to take the NDA exam. As per this, your birthday should fall between July 2nd, when you turn 16.5 years old, and January 1st, when you turn 19.5 years old. It’s important to take note of this date to make sure you fulfil the requirements to take the NDA exam. If you fall into this age group and have ambitions of attending the prestigious National Defence Academy, you are headed in the right direction to fulfil your mission of serving your country.

NDA Age Limit for Girls

Girls who are between 16.5 and 19.5 years old on a certain date are eligible to take the NDA exam.

Here’s an example:

Only girls born between 2 July 2005, and 1 July 2008 are allowed to apply if the NDA exam is scheduled in 2024.

Important to Note

  • This age limit applies equally to both female and male candidates.
  • There are no exceptions or relaxations in the age criteria.

For the most accurate information, it’s important to trust official sources. Here are a few reliable sources:

Educational Qualification

It is necessary to pass the 10+2 (or equivalent) exam, despite the fact there is no minimum percentage required. Still, your selection of stream in 12th standard matters for certain NDA wings.

  • Army: Any stream (Science, Arts, Commerce) is acceptable.
  • Air Force and Navy: Physics and Mathematics are compulsory subjects in 12th class.

Why do we need Physics and Maths for Airforce and Navy?

  • Navy and Air Force roles: For a variety of tasks, these branches significantly rely on technological understanding and scientific concepts. Understanding these ideas starts with basics in mathematics and physics.
  • Curriculum: Both Navy and Air Force require a good foundation in Physics and Mathematics for subjects like navigation, weapon systems, and aeronautics in their training programmes.
  • Selection Process: By including these subjects in the qualifying criteria, it becomes easier to evaluate a candidate’s ability to understand complex technical concepts that are essential for success in these particular fields.

Army wing, however, has a different requirement:

There are no specific subjects in the 12th standard required for the Army wing of the NDA. Candidates can apply from any stream (science, arts, or commerce)..

NDA Physical

NDA Physical coaching in dehradun

Candidates who want to join in the Indian Armed Forces must meet the physical fitness requirements set by the National Defence Academy (NDA). These requirements are essential because they evaluate a candidate’s capacity to withstand the rigorous demands of military training and service. Below is a summary of the key attributes:

Height and Weight

Army & Air Force: A minimum of 152 cm for females and 157 cm for males is required. There are weight requirements based on gender and height.

Navy: A minimum of 152 cm for females and 162.5 cm for males is required. Chest size and height are used to determine weight limits.

 Certain exceptions are applicable for candidates based on their region.

NDA Medical Requirements for Visual Standards

NDA Medical Requirements coaching in dehradun
  • The distance vision (corrected) of candidates should be 6/6 in the better eye and 6/9 in the worse eye
  • Myopia should not be more than 2.5 D
  • Hypermetropia not more than 3.5 D including curvature.
  • Air Force applicants aren’t allowed to wear glasses.

Applicants can review the NDA requirements for the Navy and Air Force’s visual standards below.

Specification Naval Air Force
Binocular Vision III Nil
Limits of Myopia -0.75 Nil
Limits of Colour Perception I Nil
Corrected with glass 6/6 6/6 (only for Hypermetropia)
Astigmatism N.A. 0.75 Cyl (within 2.0 D.Max)
Limits of Hypermetropia 1.5 2.00 D Sph
Manifest Myopia N.A. Nil
Near Vision N.A. N-5 each eye
Uncorrected without glass 6/6 6/6, 6/9
Colour Vision N.A. CP-I (MLT)

NDA Guidelines for tattoo

Permanent tattoos are usually not allowed. This is true for every body part.

Exception exists for tribal communities: Candidates who are members of tribes where tattoos are considered cultural symbols may request an exception.


Additional points to consider:

  • The SSB has the final say on a candidate’s eligibility based on the paperwork they show and the interview.
  • In the Indian Armed Forces, professional behaviour includes keeping a clean look, which includes not having any tattoos that can be seen.

NDA Eligibility 2024 Marital Status

  • Only unmarried candidates (male and female) are eligible to apply for the NDA exam.
  • They must remain unmarried throughout their training period at the National Defence Academy (NDA).

Number of Attempts

There isn’t a defined number of attempts for the NDA exam as of March 11, 2024. This implies that as long as they meet the age limitation, which are 16.5 to 19.5 years old, candidates are free to submit more than one application for the test. Because of this openness, prospective students can take the test more than once in an effort to fulfil their dream of enrolling in the esteemed National Defence Academy. You can thus be confident that you have the opportunity to take the NDA exam more than once in order to fulfil your goals of serving your country and starting a fulfilling career provided you fall within the correct age range.


You’re prepared to take the next step towards fulfilling your dream of enrolling in the National Defence Academy now that you have a clearer grasp of the criteria for the NDA test. Armed with this understanding, you can confidently and clearly begin additional preparation. Use this chance to study more thoroughly, look into other options, and create winning study plans to succeed on this renowned test. Never forget that every action you do will get you one step closer to realising your dream of proudly serving your nation as a member of the prestigious military forces.


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